Saturday, September 10, 2011

I used to have dreams of flying. I had one recently and thought I'd try hang gliding. So last night on a fluke I called one of Amanda's good friends, Zoe to see if she'd join me. And this morning I was up at 5am...

Zip car was closed. The guy finally opened the garage 20 minutes later and - near I could tell - was the single most baked human I ever encountered. But I was off to Manhattan, where most of the streets downtown seemed to be closed off for some new threat or other.

So I hit the FDR, grabbed Zoe and we were off.
We arrived, got our harnesses on, watched a cool instructional video and hit a flight simulator.
Then we were ready for the hill.

There were a few guiding principles to flying:
1. Let the glider fly without you grabbing at it too hard,
2. Keep your head up, and
3. Run down that hill full speed!

Should be easy right?

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