Saturday, September 10, 2011

I used to have dreams of flying. I had one recently and thought I'd try hang gliding. So last night on a fluke I called one of Amanda's good friends, Zoe to see if she'd join me. And this morning I was up at 5am...

Zip car was closed. The guy finally opened the garage 20 minutes later and - near I could tell - was the single most baked human I ever encountered. But I was off to Manhattan, where most of the streets downtown seemed to be closed off for some new threat or other.

So I hit the FDR, grabbed Zoe and we were off.
We arrived, got our harnesses on, watched a cool instructional video and hit a flight simulator.
Then we were ready for the hill.

There were a few guiding principles to flying:
1. Let the glider fly without you grabbing at it too hard,
2. Keep your head up, and
3. Run down that hill full speed!

Should be easy right?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paint a Picture

The hardest part of painting was to relax and stop fighting the medium.

I used to draw and had plenty of trouble making a pen or pencil do what I wanted it to do. Keep in mind that those instruments only have one point at the end. Controlling a brush seemed harder because it has more like one hundred little points at the end, plus sides and a top and bottom. Beside that, the paint clan clump, mix with other paint on the canvas and create unintended results.

But then I realized that my lack of control and the surprises I got from the canvas were really something to enjoy. So I let go and enjoyed them.

It also helped that I got private instruction from Anne Sutherland, who is a great painter on Nantucket (and also Amanda's mother). She is a great teacher of sketching and painting so next you plan to be in Nantucket, reach out early and try to get an appointment.

BTW, the painting is of Brant Point Lighthouse and Beach, where Amanda and I got married.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Make an Appearance In Film

Well, I made an appearance in a short film by a wonderful screenwriter, with a top-notch editor and two wonderful stars (and amazing everyone else). It is now in the post-production phase and should start appearing in film festivals next year. I don't have any lines and was just background, but it's an appearance.

And, it will be on IMDB at some point so I will also get a credit. I'll update this when it is on-line. Until then, there's not much more I can say about any of it. But another one down...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Driving Lamborghinis!

Here's a big wish I've had: Me. A Los Angeles race track. And a Lamborghini. That is, me on a race track in a Lambo!

Why? Even for a slow-on-the-driveway type like me, this is a no brainer. Imagine driving - slowly at first - in a car that rumbles like a rocket ship and looks like pure sex.

Normally, I'd be terrified to drive 110 mph, but it's hardly a strain in a car like this, with fat racing tires on a smooth track. In fact, I hear it feels more like you're driving 50mph - whereas the cars I'm used to driving shake like they're going 110 mph when they're actually at 50mph. I would do my grocery shopping with this thing (if they made a model that had room for grocery bags).

PLUS, I'm heading to LA in a few weeks. So this is a MUST happen, right? Well, about that...
I called and was informed that the cars don't arrive in LA until May. So for now the best I can do is: Me. On the race track. Pretending to drive a Lamborghini. But I'm not giving up on this one!

Monday, February 7, 2011


So I finally read "Fountainhead" by Ayne Rand. I have to admit, when I added it to the list it was just because everyone kept telling me to. Yet I had no idea how this was going to happen given that I've never read a book that long.

I know, it's sad. But I'm a lightweight when it comes to reading. So, I saw the size of the book and thought there was no F-ing way I was going to read that thing!

The answer? I bought a Kindle. It's easy to use, easy on the eyes, cheaper than ever and BEST OF ALL, it's thin. So thin I had no idea how long the book way. So no intimidation factor. I zipped through the book and finished this past weekend. So now I've read a novel other than Harry Potter. Yeah, I'm all grows up.

So now the big question, what do we all think of the book, the message and whether it holds true to today? I would love your comments to be like a little reading club. Okay everyone? After that, we'll all get some cosmos, okay?

Becoming middle aged was never such fun!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's the Deal with Colonics?

Someone suggested I try a colonic as part of my mid-life-crisis bucket list. I tried to brush it off. To excuse it. To forget I ever heard it.

But then someone else suggested it. That's two people who don't know each other. So, does this say something about my friends, such as that they believe in good gastrointestinal health?

Or is there a message in there for me?

I mean, if everyone kept suggesting I try a breath mint, I'd take one. Is this the same type of thing?

One more thing: while I'm not predisposed to add this one, if anyone else has tried it and wants to make an argument for it, leave a comment and go for it. I mean, I should at least be opened minded, right?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Any other ideas?

Hello all reading. I still need a few more for my list of 40 things.
Any more ideas? Do let 'er rip. Send by comment, facebook or carrier pidgeon.

Thank you for the thoughts and support!